Month: February 2020

Cast Iron Skillet – Smooth or Rough Surface?

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smooth skillet

Leave a comment and let us know what you think. So far most of our research is leaning toward a smooth surface. A smoother surface is desired over the rough surface. It is said that the rough surface still cooks every bit as good as the smooth surface. Ira Satinover ... more

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Reasons why and why not strain your grease when cooking

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Hamber cooking in grease

When it comes to making your favorite meals there can be some controversy on how its prepared. Especially when it comes to certain greasy meats. Some would argue the health benefits. Others would argue the taste benefit. I’m sure we all have that one friend that makes a bunch of ... more

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Mason Jar Storage Lid – Kitchen Hack

By: Mary Stage | 0 Comments | | Category: Kitchen Hack

mason jar of jalapenos with mayo lid

Many of us Appalachian Cooks use mason jars for food preservation. We use those 2 piece canning lid and ring that tends to become a problem once opened and being used daily. I have a great kitchen hack and up-cycle all in one. We use it in our kitchen all ... more

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Trends on the Appalachian Cooks Group

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Isn’t it funny how once someone makes a post with a picture of a beautiful dinner plate of “whatever” it would seem that the next day there are several posts of the same type. Then the next day there are even more. People are inspired by our group. That is ... more

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