Cast Iron Skillet – Smooth or Rough Surface?

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So far most of our research is leaning toward a smooth surface. A smoother surface is desired over the rough surface. It is said that the rough surface still cooks every bit as good as the smooth surface.

Ira Satinover said I use nothing but Lodge. They are rough, but work perfectly and are inexpensive. They work great for searing after sous vide for proteins (super high heat), are great for baking cornbread in the oven. Things don’t stick because they can be well seasoned (they start with an initial seasoning that will improve with intentional seasoning, and more cooking). edited for grammar.

Clark Dotson Sr. Said I Love the smooth iron. But I have a few rough lodge and they cook every bit as good as the older smooth ones. I’ve never had an issue with anything sticking in a brand new lodge. Cooking technique is way more important than how smooth the surface is.

Christy Thompson says I use both. The smooth is my favorite. The Lodge are the ones with mainly a rough surface. I still use those too. If they are all well seasoned, they all cook well.

Shirley Whitson said I have one that is rough on the inside. I can’t seem to get it to where it won’t stick- hate the silly thing!

How do I keep my skillet surface smooth?

I have read there are a few tricks to keeping the skillet smooth. One would be to toss it in a fire to remove the roughness. The other is to give it a lye bath. Most people has stated not to ever scrub the skillet, just wipe it clean. I have heard argument on using soap or not as well. Myself prefer not to use soap ever.

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