Month: January 2022

Homemade Vanilla is Easy to Make

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Appalachian Cooks member Jerry H. was kind enough to submit this recipe for homemade vanilla. He has a great story about how he goes about picking out the bottles he gifts this in. Last Christmas I made a large amount of homemade vanilla (started in about October, so it would ... more

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Pickled Milkweed Pods an Appalachian Favorite

By: Mary Stage | 0 Comments | | Category: Appalachian Favorites

Pickled milkweed pods are excellent with any cold meat, wild meats, fish or cheese platters. People in the Appalachian region know how to survive. That’s why this recipe for pickled milkweed pods came about. We reckon you have to pick a mile of milkweed growing on a fence row to ... more

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Saving Bacon Grease on the Counter

By: Mary Stage | 0 Comments | | Category: breakfast, Cast Iron Cookware, Skillet

We’re all saving bacon grease, the question is, how do you store it? Do you leave your bacon grease out on the counter or do you store it in the refrigerator? I never have enough around to worry about how it’s stored because I use it right away. We only ... more

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