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Saving Bacon Grease on the Counter

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We’re all saving bacon grease, the question is, how do you store it? Do you leave your bacon grease out on the counter or do you store it in the refrigerator? I never have enough around to worry about how it’s stored because I use it right away. We only ... more

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Appalachian Cooking Biscuit Mix

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biscuit mix

This Appalachian cooking biscuit mix will be found on the pantry shelves of most old-fashioned cooks. You don’t even have to be old-fashioned to have it, just a cook who wants to be prepared for quick and easy biscuits. These are as good as they look! Go ahead and give ... more

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Cast Iron Skillet – Smooth or Rough Surface?

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smooth skillet

Leave a comment and let us know what you think. So far most of our research is leaning toward a smooth surface. A smoother surface is desired over the rough surface. It is said that the rough surface still cooks every bit as good as the smooth surface. Ira Satinover ... more

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