Month: December 2021

No-bake Fruitcake

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no-bake fruitcake

This recipe for no-bake fruitcake comes to us from Ruthie W. from the Appalachian Cooks group on Facebook. If you want some great inspiration for cooking meals day in and day out, you should join. There are over 135,000 Appalachian Cooks who share their everyday meals and recipes for making ... more

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Appalachian Cooking Biscuit Mix

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biscuit mix

This Appalachian cooking biscuit mix will be found on the pantry shelves of most old-fashioned cooks. You don’t even have to be old-fashioned to have it, just a cook who wants to be prepared for quick and easy biscuits. These are as good as they look! Go ahead and give ... more

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Flitch the Old-fashioned Potato Candy

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potato candy

This recipe for Flitch, or potato candy. is another great Appalachian favorite sent in by Brian N. from Winchester, Virginia. We appreciate all the recipes that are sent in or submitted to our files section over at our Facebook group, Appalachian Cooks. Ingredients for Potato Candy 1 potato (about the ... more

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Homemade Egg Noodles

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homemade egg noodles

Homemade egg noodles is a staple in many Appalachian homes. It is a frugal way to fill the bellies of those who are hungry. It just takes a little meat and gravy with some potatoes and noodles to make one of the best meals anyone can sit down to. We ... more

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Red Velvet Cake With Beet Juice

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This red velvet cake with beet juice keeps you from having to use red food coloring. This is how the Appalachian Cooks always made this cake. Do you have a favorite recipe for red velvet cake that you would like to share? Join our Facebook group, Appalachian Cooks and share ... more

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Cast Iron Cookware

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Real Appalachian cooks know the importance of a good piece of cast iron cookware in their kitchen. It was the first non-stick cookware in existence. It has a natural non stick finish if you clean and care for it properly. The best piece of advice that our Appalachian Cooks will ... more

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Apple Stack Pie

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This Appalachian recipe for apple stack pie was sent in by Appalachian Cooks member, Mike L. He has this to say about it, APPLE STACK PIE I’ve posted the recipe for Apple Stack Pie in the files for this group. It comes from the book: Shuck Beans, Stack Cake, and ... more

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Commodities BBQ Sauce

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This BBQ Sauce recipe was printed on the cans of pork the government gave away as commodities and was sent in by Wesley S. from Lincoln, NE. If you were lucky enough to get these cans of yummy precooked pork, you already know that this bbq sauce went great with ... more

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Appalachian Chicken and Dumplings

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This recipe for Appalachian Chicken and Dumplings was sent in by Luci M from Paradise Florida. Visit our group on Facebook here. Lucy says: This recipe is from my Aunt Hazel in Shelby Gap, Kentucky. I had to follow her around her kitchen with a pad and pencil to get ... more

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