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Dressed or Deviled Eggs?

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Deviled or dressed egg on a plate

Have you ever heard a deviled egg referred to as a “dressed egg”? I am interested to hear in the comments below what you call them and why. Now, what makes it deviled? My great grandmother always told me if it had mustard in it, it was considered deviled. I ... more

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Granite or Formica counter tops?

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I want to prupose this question to everyone reading this. I purchased a house out of necessity and it has Formica counter tops in it. Now looking at my home and how much time I spend in the kitchen I am thinking about upgrading to GRANITE counter tops. I am ... more

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Cornbread 101

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Cornbread differences

Did you know that using different ingredients in cornbread will give you different results in the finished product? Many cooks think that you can substitute oil for butter or shortening for margarine but this image shows the differences if you choose to do so. So if your cornbread is not ... more

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Perfect Cooked Bacon

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What is your favorite or perfect bacon number? Let us know in the comments! I like mine between a 3 and 4 but I was raised on burnt bacon so I won’t turn down a 5 or even a 6. How about you? Need help keeping your bacon flat while ... more

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Homemade Pizza Steak Sandwich

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Pizza hoagie

These homemade pizza steak sandwiches will keep you from wanting to order out! This is such a good sandwich and super simple to make. The only thing you might have to buy special is the hoagie buns. If you make your own bread, even better, just shape them into a ... more

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How do you like your Grits?

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Types of Grits Stone Ground Grits Hominy Grits Quick Grits Instant Grits Its not so much what kind of grits you start out with but how they end up being served. In this I mean are they served plain or with something added. I like butter and a touch of ... more

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Trends on the Appalachian Cooks Group

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Isn’t it funny how once someone makes a post with a picture of a beautiful dinner plate of “whatever” it would seem that the next day there are several posts of the same type. Then the next day there are even more. People are inspired by our group. That is ... more

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