Trends on the Appalachian Cooks Group

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Isn’t it funny how once someone makes a post with a picture of a beautiful dinner plate of “whatever” it would seem that the next day there are several posts of the same type. Then the next day there are even more.

People are inspired by our group. That is exactly what the group was created to do. Inspiration to get off the hamster wheel of meals that you’ve been stuck on may be just what you need. Every good Appalachian cook runs out of ideas on occasion.

Sometimes, meals are made out of necessity. This limits what can be made to what is currently in the pantry. In my mind, this is when the very best meals are made. It’s a combination of foods that you wouldn’t normally try together but because those ingredients are all you have, you go with it.

I see a trend, usually toward the end of the month, where people say, I have this and that ingredient, what can I make with them? Or, I have these ingredients to last until next month along with $35 for groceries, do you have any meal ideas?

Now on the AppalachianCooks.com website, you can enter the ingredients that you have on hand and see all the recipes that can be made with them. How nice! Let’s put this website to use and start adding recipes for people to find.

This week’s Appalachian Cooks cover photo.

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