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0 Comments | March 31, 2012

Appalachian Cooking

Appalachian Cooks allows users to submit a recipe with featured image and related details such as ingredients and step by step instructions. Feel free to add a relevant story in the content area. I’m sure we would all like to hear a little background on the recipe.

A user should be logged in to submit a recipe. The submitted recipe will be reviewed and posted.

How to submit a recipe

  • Login with Facebook (Just follow the Facebook button) or Sign Up
  • Then, Add a Title and a Short Description
  • Next, Add a story or background story in the content area (optional)
  • Select images to add or drag and drop
  • Add the ingredients and steps needed
  • The rest is optional but may make it easier for some to search
  • Finally, Press “Submit Recipe” button at bottom of page
  • Once the recipe has been reviewed it can be found in “Recent Recipes” or search by Recipe Authors from the “Home” page. May take 24 hours (usually within a couple hours).

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