Reasons why and why not strain your grease when cooking

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Hamber cooking in grease

When it comes to making your favorite meals there can be some controversy on how its prepared. Especially when it comes to certain greasy meats. Some would argue the health benefits. Others would argue the taste benefit. I’m sure we all have that one friend that makes a bunch of dished involving hamburger and never strains it. The left over grease is ultimately added tot he dish, YUK! I can remember one friend who cooked his Taco meat in a crook pot and never drained the grease. And the grease would soak through the taco shell and cause it to break apart before you could pick it up. I hear you, it all depends on the dish…

Reasons why you might want to strain your grease

  • Most hamburger fat doesn’t have much flavor at all. If the recipe calls for fat to be added chose one with a better flavor such as butter. Who doesn’t like butter?
  • Health reasons are usually a good reason, but I suppose it matters to the individual.
  • Overall looks of the dish. Some dishes do not look all that inviting with puddles of grease setting on top staring at you.
  • You might want to can that leftover grease to use in a recipe at a later time.

Reasons why you might not want to strain your grease

  • Lets are frying up some Grade A Hamburger that is 90/10 Lean. That is hardly enough fat in the meat worth worrying about.
  • It has been said that rendered fat is not harmful to eat, unless you are already on a high-carb diet.
  • Straining the grease down a drain will cause it to clog. Eventually you will have to run some liquid plumber through to clear it out.

    Draing grease into the sink

  • You might want to leave that bacon grease in the skillet to add some extra flavor to your eggs. You will love the added flavor if you haven’t tried it yet.

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