Mason Jar Storage Lid – Kitchen Hack

By : | 0 Comments | On : February 20, 2020 | Category : Kitchen Hack

mason jar of jalapenos with mayo lid

Many of us Appalachian Cooks use mason jars for food preservation. We use those 2 piece canning lid and ring that tends to become a problem once opened and being used daily. I have a great kitchen hack and up-cycle all in one. We use it in our kitchen all the time.

How many of you know that mayonnaise and peanut butter lids usually fit the regular mouth mason jars? Come on, really, who knew already? Before you just toss them out or put them in the recycle bin, give them a quick wash and see if they will fit. I use mine on everything from an opened jar of pineapples to the jalapenos we use every couple of days in our hash browns.

What other re-uses or up-cycles do you use and would consider a kitchen hack? Please share your tips and tricks that help you in the kitchen. Let us know your’s in the comments.

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