Sourdough Bread Starter Day 7 by Cindy Ward

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All credits go to Cindy Ward

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Sourdough Starter – Day 7

If all has gone well for all of us, we have reached the last day of daily feeding of our sourdough starter! By the end of today your starter should be active and bubbly a few hours after feeding and ready to make all kinds of yummy stuff!

Day 7 Instructions

Today you will do 2 feedings, 12 hours apart. A feeding is stirring your starter, pour off 1/2, add 1 cup water and 1 cup flour, stir well, cover and let sit on counter until next feeding.

A few hours after your second feeding today, cover tightly and place in the fridge. Your starter can remain alive and active indefinitely in the fridge with 1 feeding a week. When you want to use it you will take it out of the fridge 24 hours in advance and feed it twice prior to using in a recipe.

I have busy days for the next couple days so I will put my starter in the fridge and take it out Friday morning (3 days from now) and will be making bread on Saturday. I will post my bread recipe and will do a step-by-step post if anyone is interested in following along.

If you don’t want to wait 3 days to bake with me, feel free to go ahead and use your starter in whatever recipe you want to try. There are thousands of them out there…just let us know how it goes! If you do plan on using your starter right away, go ahead and leave it on the counter and it will be ready to use a few hours after your 2nd feeding.

I hope you have enjoyed this process. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I’m not an expert but I’ve been using my original starter for several years so I will do my best to share what I have learned!

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